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This is the page where you’re supposed to tell a little bit about yourself. Not too much, I suppose, but enough to let people know who you are.

Where to start? Who am I now and how did I get here? Well, in 1972, fresh out of hippiedom and with the memories of acid trips and regular pot buzzes still lingering in my memory, I found myself in a Christian cult of personality, wrapped in the cloth of a Bible College. It seemed like a good idea at the time – saving people from “the world, the flesh and the devil” as it were. This one decision made huge changes in the whole Scope of my life. My first wife and I finally got out of “the ministry” in 1988, after fifteen years putting “the great commission” ahead of everything else in our lives. Everything – family, friends, career, community, education, money, home… you get the idea.

Unfortunately, that is the major event of my life. Like I said, the repurcussions of that time will linger for the rest of this life’s walk. Since then I’ve been on a quest… find out who the hell I am without the great drape of “the ministry” coloring my every thought and impulse. In 1991 or so, I hit midlife, dropped my former life (also not the Best decision, but it was all mine) and headed out to find my place, that other place, before I was “Christianized”.

More on this later. Thanks for asking.

Rocket May 8, 2007


2 thoughts on “About Rocket

  1. Hey Rocket:

    I found you because of “Finding Woodstock”. I run a website for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. What I was hoping is that if you do get attached to the film, you could maybe do a little daily recap and take some pictures for the site. Is that something you might be able to do??

    I am trying to contact as many people as I can to get some set photos and just hear about the daily filming. I don’t want this information to compromise anything that you are not allow to disclose though! Don’t want anyone loosing there job or getting in trouble.

    Certainly, alot of what I am interested in is anything having to do with Jeffrey. BUT….Fans are also very interested in the dailys as well.

    I would appreciate if you’d consider it and let me know either way. Sincere Thanks

    Caren Hamer

  2. Hey, I like your blog, and you are a GOOD writer. I started a blog, but haven’t kept up with it. I like how yours is organized. I think it’s an example of a blog that works.

    Pam Houghton,
    Author of “Don’t get distracted from working at home…here are a few tips…”

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