Green Street Cafe

Analoging it.

Well, that’s what it will be when I take a break from all this digital media. It’s enough to make you want to take a good long hike up a mountain. A screen on my coffee table that gives me the latest weather outside (when I dare to venture out). And no, it doesn’t just tell me the temperature and humidity, like any good data mine. It has a visual sun, gleaming down on a serene landscape, letting me know, with all the subtlety of a Disney classic, that all the glories of a sunny day are outside… just outside my window.

But no..  I… I of the screen, turn off the blasted instrument and turn on the screen… less subtle but all encompassing. The television… 58 inches of mindless wonder… movies, reality shows, games… it fills  my vision. I tighten the drapes to block the glare off the screen, finding a good show of monsters raging in a lovely serene suburban landscape… the denizens of Kraft Food foodies hurried out of their beds as a mammoth onslaught of mechanical maniacs take over their lands and houses.

In hopes of some semblance of human interaction I turn the sound off on the television and boot up a laptop mocking me. Confirm this friendship. I skip to an online media outlet and watch people much like myself, laptop on the table before them, they type and read and report to the camera with others in like roles, seated before the camera on their desk… in their home… discussing the future of the world (or at least their part).

And the day slips away, like the glimmer of the array when the last power button fades.

As I walk out of the door.

Into the sunshine.


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