Green Street Cafe

The New Look

This is a New Look for Green Street Café… yes, a departure from the text heavy style. I’ve enjoyed working the text/magazine image, but I’m looking to make it more pictorial. That’s going to be a difference. How to work the pictures with the story is something that will develop along the way (pun intended).
The camera is going to be used more. Thankfully, now that everything is digital it’s easier to take and publish your own pictures. Another 21st Century plus. And having a phone with a camera makes it all easier to do.
Let me know your comments on the changes and look for more posts, as I’m going to be doing more on the Café.
All the Best.

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One thought on “The New Look

  1. I like the pictures. I didn’t see what you had before but I definitely like the snapshot of the terminal 🙂

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