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Back in the Swing

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged… or been writing at all. Things have changed, but been the same as well. Politics is still at the forefront of my thinking these days. Managing the downturn in finances has also been my preoccupation as well. (Upturn anyone?)
Home remodeling is being brought to the front burner thanks to some help from Massachusetts state and local funding for needed improvements. That is a blessing and I’ll have more on that in another post.
Tonight there’s a meeting of the local Zombie Action Committee, of which I’m now a part – Deputy Clerk to be exact. They’ve been running the Zombie Pub Crawl here in town for the past two years. I was able to be involved in the first event, doing makeup and making it to two of the pubs before having go to a second event. This year the Committee will look to put on a play I’ve written – “Zombies in Love”. Thankfully I had printed out the play before my hard drive crashed six or eight months ago.
I wasn’t so lucky with my other writings. I lost a few pieces and one especially that I was working on at the time… a science fiction short story. I do have parts of it saved and printed out, but it’s going to take some more writing to bring it back to full life. In the mean time I’ll be banging out “Zombies…” and getting back in the groove.

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2 thoughts on “Back in the Swing

  1. Here, here! For getting back into the blogging saddle 🙂
    I’ve lost work before- it’s a killer when it happens. I decided that going with an online document storage company would be a goo idea last year – and have felt a little more peace of mind since.

    Google docs can be nice too- so that you can log into it anywhere you can grab email- but it doesn’t help if you accidentally delete paragraphs of matierial (unless they’ve updated to a ‘view version’ option).

    Sorry to hear you lost work- but glad to hear your play is in full swing 🙂 Congratulations 🙂

    • Sorry I didn’t see your posts FARRRR earlier. I’ve set the blog aside for some time and today I’m looking at it again. Thanks for the comments. Since I’m getting traffic, I ought to be paying more attention, eh? 🙂
      I usually work the blog on Sundays when I do it regularly. Today I’m in ‘recline’ mode, hanging out at a friend’s house, so I have some time to do this.
      As to the backup, I just don’t like the idea of backing up online in the cloud… just the whole access to other people issue, I guess. I use Memeo software. It wasn’t expensive and seems to do the job. I have learned however (knock on wood) and do regular backups.
      I’m looking at doing some more work with it… getting the play it’s own page… Getting the writing back on some form of ‘newsie” info. I like the blog… It has that ‘diary’ effect. More later I hope.


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