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It never rains. It pours.

Since February I’ve been squeaking by financially… having been laid off from my full time job.  I’ve filled my time doing a mix of things… working at the local ski slope part time, writing a science fiction story with the hopes of collaborating with a friend on it (that’s on hold temporarily). And now I’m pushing hard on a one act play called Zombies in Love.
It’s a story that’s wrapped around a title I liked, which I simply pulled out of the aether.  I’ve been fiddling around with the play for a couple of years now, but decided to finish the first draft by this June.
So I’m all set to finish thus script and a friend who knows about the play calls me up to talk about doing a zombie event – in June – and would I have my play ready by then? Could we put it on? Well, I learned in my contractor experience, “never say no to work” so I told him I liked the idea and “let’s see what we can do.” He suggested I could direct it. Well, I’ve never shied away from an opportunity to do something Totally New, so I figured I’d give that a shot as well. I had, at the time, eight weeks to put this together. All well and good.
Then my full time job called me back. To work. Forty hours a week. At the same time another friend of mine got a hold of me. His house got broken into and would I fix his door? For money? Then we got some more snow after St. Patrick’s Day so the ski slope asked if I could work this weekend and next.
Well, in short, I need the money so I said “yes” to all of it. This is a good thing, right?
So the play in June might be a semi-staged event or a reading or just a few pages fully staged. As of right now I have no actors, a script that need some development and an “as yet” unwritten ending (already outlined). Not to mention there’s a myriad of things like props, set, costume, makeup and rehearsal to think about. Oh, and ink for the printers. And will this take… money?
I do have a makeup person and one friend that does theater who met with me to discuss production options for June – reading, semi stage or fully staging one scene. She also gave me some people to call for further ideas and maybe some help. Those are the pluses and I’m very thankful for them, because it’s our connections that make an event like this really worth doing. So, I guess I’m building connections.
I enjoy it, though. Going over the play the other night was a good exercise as my friend was able confirm some thoughts I had about additions to the first scene and she gave me good feedback on character development and focusing the storyline. I do, indeed have more to write, more to rewrite, and plenty to prepare for… but this is what The Writing Thing is now, isn’t it?
Break a leg.

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