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(Persistance + Opportunity) x Crossing Finger = Hope for Tomorrow

Well, things are progressing. Talking heads debate health care, Congress tries to put on both of its shoes (Right and Left – after putting on their socks) and I’m into my second year of unemployment. I’ve whipped through the funds from my account and am into the welcomed extension.

And I’ve been Working, folks. Really, I have. I had a job at a nationally known historical museum last fall – as an interpreter – and from there, headed to the local ski resort to load lift chairs for the inglorious winter that is 2009-2010. It’s all seasonal, part time and well below the $15/hour or so that I was making in 2008.

The Massachusetts health care system is operational. I get coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield. (The well known insurance folks, who would rather lose cancer patients than cover them)

The museum will hire me back for the next seven months, just as the ski resort job winds down. This is very beneficial. The museum job suits me well. Not only does it use a wide variety of my strengths and interests, I enjoy it immensely, both for the work it entails and for the camaraderie of the museum staff. Plus, Reading is a job skill!! Actually, aside from the money, it’s the practically the perfect job for me.

I do keep looking in the papers and have applied for those jobs to which I’m well suited. The latest job application, work-wise, is at the far end of the spectrum. It’s a warehouse assistant job, 40 hours a week, has a good atmosphere and is a hands-on, shipping/receiving/parts distributing job for a manufacturing outfit. And it has potential for Good Pay. This does have its up side, indeed.

Returning to the full-time work force would be amazing. Regularity would be a welcomed change of pace. Having enough money to pay the bills… that just gives this kind work a high incentive quotient as well. Alas, I’m not living in a self-sustaining, backyard solar, hyro or wind powered utopia where my morning eggs are pulled warm from the chicken coop… just yet. So, until I live there, here’s a toast to giving the working life a go… for at least another eight years. For by then, I will have put my time into the American workforce, and with any luck and a sustainable Social Security check, I should be able to only work part-time for the rest of my days, write my best sellers, and make sure the back yard power systems don’t rust a nut.

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