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Passing Health Care Reform

It’s obvious from the talking points that the Republican side of the aisle put forth this weekend, that they are once again using the tactic of “Tell the lie enough and people will believe it.” The newest one is “The Democrats are not listening to the American people,” and “If the Democrats push this bill through they will lose their majority in the fall.”
Know this. These statements are plainly not true. The health care issue is a huge policy issue. The process of changing the health care system is complicated and frustrating in its need to cover millions of American (30 million in the Democratic plan, 3 million in the Republican) and reduce costs. It’s going to change how insurance and health care works. Insurance companies do not want their good thing to go away. They lobby incessantly to push their interests and the interests of their shareholders before the health of the American people.
Covering people, giving them access to preventive care and keeping them away from emergency rooms as their primary care, is going to save us all money in the long run. Clearly, health care and insurance reform is a good idea.
The Right wants two things: Incremental changes (i.e. cosmetic changes) and scraping everything to start over. To scrap everything is code for “Let’s do nothing by redoing everything we’ve already done.” It’s all smoke & mirrors and a huge waste of time.
Now that the American people have elected a Democratic majority, it would be ludicrous for them to back down because of minority wrangling. We’ve had eight years of lies and backroom deals fostered by the Republican Whitehouse & Congress during the last decade. The election proved one thing: Americans are tired of being lied to and stolen from. The majority should move swiftly to pass health care and insurance reform, putting health care back in the hands of doctors and their patients. When it does, when the new program begins working, all Americans will be better off for it.

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One thought on “Passing Health Care Reform

  1. Louise Connolly on said:

    The insurance companies are shaking in their shoes that the bill will pass. I am one of the American People. I want the bill to pass with a public option.

    I also want us to stop spending all our money on unsustainable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is why we have no money to take care of ourselves because we are too busy being the world’s bullies.

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