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The Republican Rapsheet Revealed

The Republican’s have been working to dominate American politics since the last days of Ronald Reagan. In the 1980’s was the Contract with America. Upon losing the White House to the Democrats in the Clinton years, A Take Back Power mentality dominated all thinking. When they couldn’t get to the White House through the vote, they decided to go after the man  himself. They succeeded.

Let’s get this right. At that point, with the election and re-election of Bush/Cheney, Americans were fleeced, passed over, taken for a ride  and turned out the front door by the Majority.

Before 9/11 George Bush spent lots of time in Texas, looking all Reaganesque. Afterward, with his Declaration of War in hand, and the Republican led Congress, opened up the Treasury of the United States to their friends, lied to the Congress and the American People. They deregulated our financial institutions and more friends took the money of hard working Americans, leaving us with a greater Divide between the wealthy and the poor, ultimately squeezing the middle class.

Let me ask you one question: Since January 20th, 2000 are you better off?

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5 thoughts on “The Republican Rapsheet Revealed

  1. Am I better off right now? Absolutely not. Unemployment is at 9.7%. Under Bush, it teetered at 4.7%. We weren’t nationalizing banks, the auto industry as well as Wall Street. Then they were part of the free enterprise system. We weren’t telling people how much they could earn nor were we telling people they HAD to have health care insurance. We also weren’t mirandizing captured terrorists nor were any political party trying to shove through legislation that the public didn’t want.

    There are signs being put all over the nation of George Bush and the words ,”Do you miss me yet?” Yeah, I do. Very much so.

  2. “We have crossed the mark of over 100 filibusters and acts of procedural obstruction in less than one year,” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, said on the floor on December 20, 2009. “Never since the founding of the Republic, not even in the bitter sentiments preceding Civil War, was such a thing ever seen in this body.”
    117 to be exact…something has to be done. As Senator Whithouse said, this has never been done. This figure is double of what Democrats did in the Bush administration and is a shocking misuse of the filibuster. Where is the outrage during this moment in our history when so much needs to be done???? Is the Right sincere, I think not!

  3. Louise Connolly on said:

    No. Things are so much worst than we even realize. The TV is being used as the tool to keep the masses brainwashed. Imagine a large majority of US citizens use stations like FoxNews as their primary knowlege base. It is all controlled information. The politicians get the masses up in arms about moral issues while the financial screws get put to us. It is all a distraction.

    We have no money to take care of US citizens because all our money of which we are borrowing from China goes toward unsustainable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Wars that the folks at the top don’t even care about winning as they are amassing fortunes with the companies that keep the wars going.

  4. You missed the point, MTR. Are you better off now than you were pre-Y2K? Before the Republican White House gave away the bank, lied to Congress, gave their friends no-bid contracts, and created in America (courtesy of lax regulation) the greatest financial downturn since the Great Depression? Are you better off now than you were nine years ago?

  5. Yikes, it appears some have short memories. I mean it has only been a year since the Republicans lost the White House and they really don’t remember how we got here. Eight years of running the Country into the ground by picking a fight in Iraq, at the same time giving a huge tax cut to the wealthy, and then borrowing the money to finance the war from China, plus all the other things Jeff and Louise speak of. It will take years and years to undo the damage done and rebuild. Who is reporting all these signs popping up….time to stop watching Fox News.

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