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Photoshoping… is that a verb?

self-portrait-may-09As we’ve been changing our economy around and figuring out what it is we want to Do with ourselves in the coming decade, I happened upon Photoshop once again and began using it. I’m ready for my fourth career change. Having done some work already with grapic basics, layout and design… I’m ready to get into college. Again. Just for the summer.

There are online classes at the local community college and that’s the problem, there aren’t any professors; it’s all online. So the state is reviewing the program for my people… my people will see your people? Only my people are the hard-working folks of the downtown unemployement office, BerkshireWorks, kudos… nonetheless, my people are looking into getting funding or accredidation… aka “The Big Okay” from our representatives at the capitol. [insert patriotic music here] While we, as a nation, struggle to get out of the hole we dug we can only hope that there’s a rope coming from our friends at the state and federal agencies.. Look! On the Horizon! It’s the “big R” Recovery coming. I can see it… just cresting the wheat fields.

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