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Here we are.

I’ve had a few months to get my little writing car in gear and head it down the road. As of today, I’ve written a play that has been accepted (the staging is set for the fall – a paid gig), I’ve written eight or so articles for the local media (Read: Paid writing) and had an humorous epic poem displayed at the local Museum for a week as part of a community event. I’m also editing my writing group’s newsletter. We’re a 501(c)(3) so it’s no little club.

Works in progress are: A short play about zombies, a collaboration with a film maker on a horror flick  (his story, my script) and the assorted short stories that I’ve been working on.

Many of these situations are volunteer gigs, and that’s okay… I’m paying my dues, getting my stuff out there and filling up the resume’.  For all that, I’m very thankful.  The people I’ve worked with are great.  If I could fill my tank and buy groceries with the money I make that would be great, too.  Suffice to say, I’m putting that into play, step by step.

The next step is getting an agent, I’m thinking. Now where’d I put that query letter?

– Rocket

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