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Sarah Palin – Gleanings from the web

Here’s a really great writer on why Ms. Palin should not be much of a draw to the ‘Hillary Dems’.
Mary Lyon: Cue Lloyd Bentson – The Huffington Post

Here’s a good set of pages that introduce Ms. Palin, her life and her views, from Time Magazine‘s website.

Ms. Palin is all for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. She’s also ready to deregulate the energy industry to allow Big Business to have it way to supply our huge appetite for oil.

Here’s some info on Palin’s ethics investigation concerning the firing of Alaska’s Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan

Here’s a notice concerning the same ongoing investigation from the Alaskan state website.

Here’s an Alaskan’s view on the situation – Alaska Pride

Okay… I admit it. This next little tidbit is outrageous, disrespectful, insulting, non-PC, and just plain funny. There are all kinds of comments made about some communities by others… we have one around our area… What’s a compliment in such’n’such a place? ‘Nice tooth.’
This fits that mold, but it comes from an Alaskan as a comment to this blog entry at The Conservative Pulse –

# Old Shoe Says:
July 22nd, 2008 at 4:44 am

“And not only has Palin been a governor for the last two years, but she’s worked in state and local government for the last 12 years. A resume that’s at least as impressive as Barack Obama’s.”

haw haw, Mayor of Wasilla is as impressive as Barack Obama’s ?

you must be smokin some of that hillybilly crack that they get out there in Wasilla.

Dude, have you ever been to Wasilla?

Here’s a joke about Wasilla.

You know that you’re in Wasilla when you let your 12 year old smoke at the table.

In front of her kid.

That’s Wasilla in a nutshell.

Give me a freakin’ break, this woman is NOT qualified to be VP.

Check the wikipedia link… it seems April Flowers grew up in Wasilla. Wow! I wonder if she was in that beauty contest! Well… i guess that’s enough for now. I’ve already stepped over some freaking line I’m sure 🙂

As one fine creative mind declares, “‘Nuff said”


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