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Sarah Palin???

Sarah Palin???? Who the hell is Sarah Palin?

So far I’ve learned she’s been the Governor of Alaska for a term, was mayor of a town of 9,000, has a husband named Todd. They also have four kids at home and a son ready for deployment in Iraq. Oh, and she served on a state board involved with the Oil interests…. Big Surprise. She has minimal political experience and no national security exposure.

God love her… this lady is not Ready to be a heartbeat from the Presidency. Period. End of story.

Senator McCain has no possible argument about Obama having no experience when he picks a lady with limited political exposure of any kind. What was he thinking? If this is the kind of person he picks for the second highest office in the United States, what kind of other decisions is he going to make? This appears like a complete party-shill situation. My apologies, because this is my early, knee jerk reaction. This choice reeks of Republican’s desire to drill oil in Alaska. That’s really that issue that made this choice even possible. The Republican machine has been amiss in their evaluation of this person’s abilities. Personally, I think the media is going to tear her up. There’s hardly dry ink on the choice and the first thing that comes out is that she may have had an in-law fired from a job with the state police…. what the hell is up there?

This is just a plain bad choice on McCain’s part. If he thought he was going to have a tough fight ahead (given the mood of the country concerning the last administration) then he has just taken two steps backwards in the race. If the choice of a running mate is the first executive decision that a candidate makes… with all it’s importance and the ability of the public to judge his decision making qualities… this is a big mistake. Obviously, the Republican machine likes her. I can’t imagine that McCain even knew her. She’s a sympathetic person, so it may be a difficult for Democrats to go negative on her. She’s a mom, she’s young (relatively), she’s photogenic, and she’s a woman… I guess that’s supposed to make it easier for the “Hillary Dems” to vote for the Republican ticket. Maybe the machine thinks this race for the Presidency is about simply avoiding attacks. That could be their mindset… well… because… attacking IS their mindset. But that’s not what this race is about. This race is about competancy. President George H. Bush has clearly been an incompetent leader. He and his party have ruined so many things in the last eight years that it’s hard to count them. Pick an issue – the Environment, the Markets, FEMA, New Orleans, The Patriot Act, Education, the failed “War on Terror”, our standing with our Allies, International Respect…

Sarah Palin? Oh… she’s the candidate that Big Oil likes… like Big Oil ever knew how to run a Government. If we let Big Business run a country it would surely end up being a Corporation. And we know how that always ends up….with the people at the top making the Big Money.


See Palin’s opinion about including Creationism in the classroom

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin???

  1. Sarah Palin has lived her whole life in Alaska, with brief stints in Idaho. Nothing I’ve been able to find online suggests she’s ever taken even a passing interest in The World or Foreign Affairs – no international studies major, no foreign travel, no foreign languages. She apparently sued the Secretary of Whatever in Alaska for putting the polar bear on the endangered list, and has said she “doesn’t believe” in global warming.
    She’s against all abortion rights. She supports family values, yet she’s going to be Vice President while she has five kids including a very young baby with special needs?
    What the hell was McCain thinking?
    I guess it’s good news for us Dems though.

  2. Susi Libby on said:

    Except that she has pentecostal roots and is now active in an Evangelical church. Interesting

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