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The Launch of the Obama/Biden Ticket

Okay. It’s been decided. Hillary has quietly, formally stepped far stage left and let Joe Biden come aboard this ship sailing toward the White House. This is going to be a Great Race.

I was always confused as to why Biden’s campaign was so truncated during the primaries. As far as I was concerned, he had all the things that this country needed. What I really… Really… liked about him was his grasp of the complexity of international issues and how he made these issues comprehensible to the common man. Every interview, whether on Meet the Press, or Morning Joe, or CNN… Joe Biden always left me thinking… “My gawd he’s Right! That’s the best way to approach this (leader, issue, conflict, policy)”. He didn’t apologize for his opinions, but stated them clearly and comprehensively, so that even if you didn’t agree with him at least you knew exactly where he stood. Add to this the fact he doesn’t have Al Gore’s “bore factor” when he gets detailed and you have a “points on” winner. He comes across as the man he is… fully committed to everyday Americans, to people that work 9 – 5 (or two and three part time jobs) all the while struggling to raise 3 kids and a dog while keeping the bills paid.

Me? I’m a happy camper. I think Barack made a tremendous choice! And I’m not saying that just because I want the Republican stranglehold to end, which I do. I’m saying that because, picking Joe Biden is a clear win/win situation. Barack Obama wants someone he can work with, someone who will give him a valid opinion, even if it’s not shared… someone who is capable and willing, and who has an historic ability to reach across the aisle and make things happen. Why can he make things happen? Because he knows the value of Working Together for the American People.

I don’t see this team firing cabinet members or military leaders for seeing the Big Picture through a different lens. I don’t see these men tearing apart working relationships because of differences of opinion. I don’t see them working for the top ten percent of the population at the expense of a burgeoning middle class… a group that has been left to fend for themselves of late. Not these two.

On the other side of the coin, I saw some Big Business types on Fox today. The subject was centered around that big house debate – “How many bathrooms does Biden have in his $1.5 million house? What’s wrong with having more houses… bigger lifestyles… isn’t that the American way?” These Corporates were decrying the tax cuts they may face with a Democratic Administration. “We employ people. If we lose tax advantages, we’ll have to stop buying equipment and lay off workers.” (I paraphrase). The funny thing is this. Nobody said “I’ll have to take a pay cut.” Nobody said, “I’d have to sell my condo in Belize.” Nobody said, “I’ll have to see if I can sell the Mazerati/Lear Jet/Baseball Team.” Nobody took responsibility. They just said, “If you take away our tax breaks, we’ll have to let it fall on the little guy. That will be bad for the American people.” It won’t be bad for them. Just us.

How Nice. It’s nice to see our Corporate Executives are so in tune with the needs of the working stiff. It makes me just blush with pride. (insert gagging sound here)

Take some time to view the speeches made in Illinois yesterday. It’s well worth the 33 minutes. Ciao!

Team Launch courtesy of MSNBC.

And if you have a grass roots kind of program going on, let’s get in touch. I’d love to get some links and dialogue going on this site. Let’s get people talking about it. Let’s get people involved.

They may say, “Yes we can!”
I’ll be chanting, “Hell, we Better!”


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One thought on “The Launch of the Obama/Biden Ticket

  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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