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Barack & Hillary

Is it True? Is it Really True?

It seems that it is. Barack Obama has, it seems, clinched the nomination for the Democrats. We have not seen the likes of this since JFK. It’s not just that an Obama Candidacy breaks a tradition of two hundred plus years of white men leading the country – even as JFK’s Catholicism was a hurdle for his time. It’s Barack’s outlook – his honest, ‘can do’ attitude… his whole hearted belief that we are better than the last twelve years. Yes, Twelve years, ’cause that’s when the Republican political Machine began their viral attacks against Bill Clinton led by their pitbull, Ken Starr.

The Republican Party pulled out every stop to take Power. No device was too low, no cover up too sleazy, no accusation too far fetched too keep them from their ultimate goal – Domination of the political landscape. Total Control. And did they do this to benefit the American People? Did they do this to make this a better world? Absolutely not! They did it to grease their friends pockets, to push agendas that create wealth for the wealthy, to lock tight a changing world where resources are dwindling, where those that have power can consolidate that power to benefit themselves.

The only problem is that the plan is only effective so long as the great People of this nation can be duped by fear mongering, sidestepping, and politicians constantly repeating lies as though they are the truth. (Recession? What recession?)

Now we have a political landscape that we haven’t seen before. Our two Democratic front runners are an African-American man and a former First Lady. And they are running a statistically even race. Hillary is not giving up… don’t even suggest it. The whole thing is going to Denver, and before Denver things should be worked out. These days Hillary and Barack are cordial, even friendly. One can only imagine the works behind the scenes.

So is it going to be Candidate Barack Obama and VP Candidate Hillary Clinton? How about Presidential Candidate Clinton and VP Barack Obama? That seems to be the dream team scenario one way or the other. If they can do this one thing I believe that, either way, they can take the White House in no uncertain terms. The people want the team. It’s a question asked over and over during the campaign. It’s been a question without a definitive answer… (that would be presumptive, so they say).

God help us if the winner doesn’t use the other as their running mate. I can’t imagine anyone else that could fire the imagination of the country more than these two have. If Hillary pulls a coup and doesn’t take Barack it will more than a slap in the face (I can’t imagine it happening). If Barack sustains the nomination and doesn’t take Hillary there will be a massive slide of people either staying home or voting for (dare I say it?)…. er… John McBush… uh.. McCain. Now THAT’s a scenario that scares me. 🙂


Here’s some stuff that has happened since my post

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