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Truth Justice and the American Way

So… The common standard is that you can’t talk about Religion with people – can’t talk about POLITICS with people. It’s not polite.

What the hell else is there to talk about? Sports??? Britney-freakin-Spears? What is more important than Truth and Politics??

But you have to be Polite. At least that’s what we were told. What? Can’t people be polite when they talk about Politics? What a crock.

I’m really sick of people… petty people. They want to know (for 45 minutes) if Barack Obama is Patriotic (I guess). Does he keep in the right circles? Does he know whom he’s dealing with? Is he American enough to be President… Does he wear a freakin PIN??? What a CROCK I say again.

I guess that’s politics tho… it’s always been that way… The Test, I mean. “If he can’t stand the campaign, how in the hell will he weather the Presidency?” This ain’t no picnic he’d be heading up. No church social, this.

But what good is it to America if we can’t talk about Religion, Race, and Politics without getting sore at one another. We need desperately to find our common ground. I say, we need it desperately. Hate, threats, and “49% vs. 51%” do not make for a good Union.


The TOP TEN LIST – I’ve been reading The Secret. “We create our lives,” says Rhonda Byrne, its author. (You’ll find I have a deep thread of cynicism with the ‘you can have it all’ types)

The problem is I LIKE the book. I believe it, really. And I’m changing the way I feel about abundance, happiness, wealth, and reality.

Can we actually… Do we actually create our own Reality?? Do I actually have no money BECAUSE I think thoughts of never having enough money? Do I actually create CREATE money out of nothing by BELIEVING in it?

Happiness? Success? Friendship? Love? FAMILY?

I dunno (there’s that damned cynic again).

I do believe… and have seen… how we can claim things and you go on and get them. I have about 12 cases of that stuff happening in my ‘Christian’ experience. So it’s not just a crock, like a snake oil salesman in a bad bowler hat. Been there, done that.

But I have seen how one… anyone… can create your own reality by changing what you DO.

“I want to have friends. I want to do things with these friends.” So volunteer – museum, library, theatre, river cleanup, peace coalition, writers room… stay connected – call people, write them. List their addresses make the effort. DO. There is no ‘try’. Then you will have friends. Get off your ass. That’s the Secret.

WelL, I guess that’s all for now. Later.


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2 thoughts on “Truth Justice and the American Way

  1. I was skeptical, too, but the Law of Attraction is real. I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and got a very large unexpected check in the mail. It is true, and I have the pictures to prove it. Read How The Secret Brought Me $100,000!

  2. Yah, Larry, It’s pretty incredible when things work that way. I did check out your page and it’s amazing that you wished for a check for $100,000 and you got it. The check, tho… not the money. Turned out you only got $25. Such is life.

    Maybe you need to fine tune the message. A CHECK for $100,000 is nice, but you saw in the book that the guy that produced the money actually had to go out and DO something to get it. (my previous point).

    Besides, what good is $100,000? Stack it up in your living room? Use is as a footstool? Put it in a glass case? Nah… Money isn’t what we want. It’s what money can BUY for us. Who needs a big pile of money?? What you really want… what you expect from the money… that is what you should wish for.

    Security? Money in the Bank for emergencies? A new house, a new car, a new business? Time to go out? Travel? What is it you want the money for? Freedom from the Rat Race? (Having money always brings you back to the Rat Race – i.e. how do you keep the money?)

    I like the story tho 🙂

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