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% “It’s a far far better thing that I do than I have ever done.”

What a day.

I’d wake up in Bath. Eat a breakfast downstairs, and get a ride to the church. Wednesday nights were midweek services, Sunday was early church and night service. Then the after service rap (although I don’t think they were called that, just “after service fellowship” or something.) I think.. now I think… it was at Lou K’s that we met on a regular basis. It could have been only once.. but by this time I really knew I wanted to stay. It was the night that Miriam’s brother Rob sang.

There were about 30+ people and two coffee urns… not coffee pots, oh no, 2 coffee URNS, big suckers – one with high test and the other with hot water for tea. We gathered in the living room, spilling out toward the kitchen… not a space was left to walk in because of people sitting on the floor… and Rob sang his own music, beautiful, melodic… worship was great. But Pr.Stevens was still too revered. I became used to the idea that everyone viewed Stevens as the reason the church even existed, because of his preaching, his anointing (yeah, sure, whatever…) and his dedication.

Dedicated he was. He had one thing he wanted to do, Build a big church for… I still don’t know how to call Him, The Lord… i.e. “The One Who Is” (my words, my terminology)… Carl wanted to build a church for Jesus, where the Bible was central, where people were fervent, where anyone and everyone who wasn’t part of The Group became targets for the salvation message. He was always fond of saying that he knocked, personally mind you, on every door in Wiscasset until they were really sick of him. You’d be sick of him, too.

“I’ll knock on their door ten times, if that’s what it takes, because it might be that tenth time that their hearts will be softened to word of God.”

Back then I believed that witnessing, preaching, evangelism about the saving grace of Jesus was the core focus of one’s life… evangelism gave everyone around you the ability to choose or not choose Jesus and that beyond that decision all the other things in life were just window dressing.

Career? What greater or more important career is there than making sure everyone knows about heaven and hell?

Family? My family is those that believe the word of God and obey it. (yeah… okay… BS maximus… )

Education? What is more important to learn than the Bible? It should give us answers on how to live. All man’s education can give us is… the ability to be more worldly. (just forget about thinking critically and being prepared for life) “Bible College is the highest form of education.” (a standard Stevens mantra)

Savings? A House? A decent wage? What?… Are you going to live for all these carnal things when the world is going to hell? What kind of a Christian would you be then?

“Don’t get a savings account. I don’t have a savings account.” (Carl actually said that in a message or rap.. yes, he did…The Putz).

Yeah dude.. and look at all these loving people… What we need is a place where everyone can live together. Everyone spends so much time together already… wouldn’t it be wonderful instead of just talking “Corporate Body talk” if we could actually live together as a Body… wouldn’t it be cool….

Tune in next time, kids, when we hear The Duke of Dallas say… “By Gosh, Angie, I didn’t think it would be THAT big!”

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