Green Street Cafe

Winter’s Epilogue

This one has been a trip.

I’ve been offline for a while to a number of pressures that have piled One on Top of another here at Pledge Central. We’ve had computer crashes, boiler breakdowns (and replacements) leakage, lost work time, lost phone time, meltdowns, bruises, a kitty death, friendship strains, work addages, plus various chills, thrills, and spills. We’ve danced (but not enough) and struggled aplenty to stay afloat and spiritually buoyant.

But I feel the hint of spring in the air, a hushed whisper rising from the new fallen snow.

I’m working crazy, having fun working 4 nights a week at Bosquet Ski Resort (on top of my other job). The mountain and people are great and the pay… well, the pay is okay. But I’d rather be working on “The Apartment”.

Stay Tuned.

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