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Wandering in Pittsfield

  1. Wandering Downtown Pittsfield


    At this time it looks good. There are stores. Stores are open all along Upper North St. Lower North seems to have the problem today. Once the new Theater is open on the even side THAT will fill in a gap. But What is going on with the odd side of the street? That one building on the south end has Nada.

    A burger in an upper end pizza joint is a good bet. It is large and meaty and hot (even if it was in a freezer not ten minutes ago). The veggies… lettuce, tomato, as well as the mayo… are cool and tasty. Not half bad at all… and affordable.

    The exterior remodeling of the building is workable. It’s new facade mimics the design and feel of the high priced Spice across the street, if not the detail. Still, there’s a definite improvement.

    A pair of schoolgirls sit in the next booth; talking on a cell phone… chatting with
    the young man behind the counter. Thier pile of onion rings is golden and aromatic.

    My wife and I are looking at staying in Pittsfield for the future. Our financial situation and the condition of our house almost demand it. I’m almost ten years to retirement. The house needs remodeling and we need to get a tenant in the other side.

    But hey, North Street is on its way back. I don’t doubt it.

    Is it new? Some.

    Different than the 50’s & 60’s? Definitely.

    Successful? How do you measure success? More jobs? Better venues? Better stuff in the stores?

    How about community? More community? A diverse community. An active community.

    And IDENTITY. Whether one speaks Hindu, Turkish, Portuguese, English or Spanish behind the counter… out front – out on the streets – people are out there. Sharing. Talking. Working.
    Eating. And yes… even Spending… both their time and their money – Downtown.

    I’m thinking of a way I can help things to change for the better. I think on my next trip Downtown I’ll order the onion rings. Now that’s an idea.

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