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Working on the house

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2 thoughts on “Working on the house

  1. It’s my big job. The one I do when I’m home. Finishing the kitchen.

    I started the kitchen renovation ohh… about 3, maybe 4 years ago. I got halfway done and just felt overwhelmed by the amount of work it was going to take. One of the nice things is that I took off this gawdawful lower wall covering and found the original wainscoting! yay! So I decided to strip the rest of the gunk off and redo it. Now THAT was a job. I decided not to stain it, but to just paint it after I got it stripped. It looked good, but Oh Man! what a job!

    That’s what gave me pause… alot of pause… as in 3 or 4 year’s worth 🙂

    Now I’m back at it. Of course, it takes longer and is more involved than I imagine…

  2. Well… got the freakin’ sink put in. Yay! I figured it would take a couple of days… maybe a couple of weekends. Four weekends later I’m finally washing dishes in the kitchen instead of the bathtub! If I ever figure how to upload and post pictures I”m going to make this little section of the blog a major pictorial.

    The problem with the project was that I needed to install Subfloor, Flooring, reroute Electric, (inspected) Sheetrock, Primer and paint, before I could put up cabinets and then, Only then, install the new sink. M’Lady was quite patient with the slow progress and duly appreciative at the final outcome. Now maybe… maybe… I can take a couple of days off before I plow into the next phase of the remodel.

    I’m quite proud of the work I’ve accomplished so far. Few leaks, level and plumb, water running downhill… it’s all good. Now I have the kitchen 3/4 done.

    That’s about all for now… a short update.

    All the Best,

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