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Factnet, TBS/GGWO friends.

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10 thoughts on “Factnet, TBS/GGWO friends.

  1. I don’t know why my intial posts never publish. Here we go again. In the mean time I’ll just make a response to get things going if that’s what I need to do.

    This is the place for anyone involved in “The Ministry” to post. I’m new to all this and will do my best to not only maintain it but actually write something. I’m not in the business of taking down the ministry or organizing dissent (weren’t those picket lines in front of Kemble St. kind of pitiful?). What I want is a place for people to rant and rave and know that others will listen.

    Factnet is in trouble and if it should stop I’d still like to keep in touch with anyone who has the mind. Personally, I’d like to get together for a cookout or gathering… some kind of event for friends and others. Any thoughts? I heard the last thing of this style was in Maine.


  2. Susi Rusch Libby on said:

    There are days when factnet is just to much, I guess I finally got over it, but its been wonderful using that forum to catch back up with so many wonderful old friends that I had lost touch with, such as you and Bonnie and Chuck, Jimmy, Robin, Scott, etc. I hope that part continues. Love your writing Jeff, let me know when it gets published. I’m in Gray if you ever need me.

  3. David Huisjen on said:

    Hi Jeff,

    Here’s a note with my “real” e-mail included. I can’t do cookouts there, for obvious reasons, but there’s plenty I’d love to chat with you about if my opinionated posts on FN haven’t scared you off…

    ATB, David (D2)

  4. Always enjoy your posts David. I like anything intelligent and (in this situation) just a little on the fiesty side. (check out my response to hadasa. I might have put his shorts in a bunch) I’m glad you’re still around and kickin’.

    And Susi, I’d have to agree that the Best thing that FactNet did for me was put me in touch with old friends who, to greater or lesser degrees, are still dealing with thier time in TBS. Just the fact that those first years of independance (your own apartment, dating, turning 21 and becoming an adult in an adult world) those years were replaced by a convent style life really tweaked alot of us.

    Ah well, best to keep both feet on the ground and go from here.


  5. David Huisjen on said:

    Knock, knock.

    Anything still alive in here?

  6. I’m back up and running. Again. It’s 2am here and I’ve just copied all my stuff from “My Name is Rocket and we have a bus going right by here.” on FactNet. Hey.. it’s the time I have. I’m also doing laundry, killing two birds with one sleep-deprived stone. Feel free to post here again. I’m learning to use the software better than last year and I’m determined to be a presence on the web.

    So Dave and all… come on by.


  7. David Huisjen on said:

    Ahhh, found it again without help. The cloud is better than the bic that was at the top last time. I don’t know though, maybe a crumbling cathedral in a real SciFi landscape is what you need. When we first met, more than half our lives ago, you used to be a pretty decent graphic artist. Still doing any of that? Might be worth posting here!


  8. I haven’t done any graphics for a while. I need to put Photoshop on this machine (I have it upstairs). Hmmm definitely. I’ve worked with it some, but definitely not enough. The crumbling church sounds interesting…

    I want to get an image all the way across the top of the page, but haven’t figured out how yet. Need some stuff besides Text as I’m very visual.

  9. David Huisjen on said:

    I talked Thursday with my site volunteer crew and their teachers, and reached the conclusion that I should buy my own domain and use wordpress’s open source software to set it up. That raises a couple of questions for me:

    1) Isn’t there any way to get some sort of info about your book from here? If you haven’t signed away exclusive publishing rights, and you have it in .doc or .rtf form on your home machine, why not put it up on Lulu or the like?

    2) Of all the dot coms out there available for purchase, which would be best for a blog/book promotion site in my field? The primary ones I’m toying with are:
    * huisjen-philosophy
    * thinking-aloud-allowed
    * thinking-aloud-online (the actually name on the site banner)
    * youth-philosophy
    * young-thinkers

    Most of those are also available without the dashes as well. Any recommendations?


  10. Hey, Dave,

    I like the young-thinkers As that is broad and recognizable. It encompasses alot and you’ll get people who are interested in a number of issues and subjects. Youth-philosophy might be better only because it narrows the focus and brings in people actually looking for philosophy.

    Sounds good, sorry for the lag in answering. I want to keep up at least two times a week. Right now I’m only getting stuff up on Sundays.


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